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Trilogy Part 1

                                  I WANT. 

I have heard life described as being like a man’s penis, often hard and always too short! If life is too short, how can I get the things that I want? I can’t buy what I want, I’ve already lost things that I want and of course, there are things that I want, which I can never have.  

I want world peace, but you can file that under ‘Never’. I want a cure for cancer. I want every child in the world to have enough food to eat. I want to take back things that I said. I want to say “Sorry,” to people who are now gone.  

I don’t want to be 21 again. I don’t want to live my life over, once has been enough thank you. I don’t want to be a millionaire I have enough trouble deciding what to wear, without having to look after money as well. I don’t want to outlive my children or my friends. I never wanted to be a world leader, the Chairman of IBM or the King of anything. 

Trilogy Part 2

                                       I Don't Understand.


Either I used to be smarter or I’m beginning to ‘lose it’, not a happy thought regardless. My expectations now exceed my ability to understand. I’m starting to feel like a modern day Luddite trapped in a never-ending whirlwind of change. 

I don’t understand why everything has to keep getting smaller when our fingers don’t change size. Why can’t we have something useful like a teleporter that straps to our wrist, or a battery that lasts for more than ten minutes before it needs recharging? 

I don’t understand any number of things and the list continues to lengthen. It may not be rocket science or Einstein but however fleeting, you might have thought about one of these topics once in your life. Twelve Chapters that provide a humorous view on questions whose conclusions may be ahead of their time, out of this world or just plain stupid.



Trilogy Part 3

                                     What Ever Happened.


The loss of certain things is almost a given I’m talking about innocence, not money or hair. Other things that are not so obvious are also lost but so slowly and imperceptibly that it’s hard to define when they were lost and where they might have gone.                                                  

Whatever happened to things like respect, good manners, and service? From convenience stores to conglomerates, from companies to consortiums, training is given in the hope that values can be instilled in employees. Whatever  happened? 

 Questions I have, answers not so much. Like you, I’m on the treadmill of life I don’t have the time either. However, I have taken a humorous look at some things which are provocative, inquisitive and hopefully humorous.